to Georgina 


Georgina Sanginés is a Belgian jewellery brand with Mexican roots.


Designer and founder Georgina Sanginés was born and raised in Mexico where she worked in the cultural sector and got the opportunity to interact with different artists from various fields. After moving to the diamond city of Antwerp in 2018 she decided to take her passion for art and design to a new level and she founded her jewellery label.


Today Georgina Sanginés offers designs that are a harmonised blend of her Mexican heritage and the Belgian aesthetic for a unique take on jewellery that is both eclectic yet contemporary.

Our Process

Our creative process is very important, each piece of jewellery first comes to life in Georgina's sketchbooks. From drawing to drawing, her creative process takes action in our Antwerp based studio where different samples are made until choosing the final designs. 

For our silver collections we collaborate with an atelier in Portugal where our designs are handcrafted by goldsmiths with more than 30 years of experience in the art of jewellery craftsmanship. For our bespoke and special editions we work with a family owned atelier based in Antwerp that helps us produce our custom made designs with the outmost care and detail for our fine jewellery designs.

Each one of our products states where and how it was made, for more information you can visit the product page of our designs on our shop. 


Our Responsibility

Georgina Sanginés believes in the importance of a sustainable approach, therefore our collections are seasonless. We create unique high quality products that can be treasured and passed down through generations. 


We don't mass produce and we strive to stock our inventory according to demand which helps us to keep each piece from our collections unique and special. 


We also thought about our packaging! Give your jewellery box a long life, use it to storage and keep your jewellery safe to avoid scratches and tarnish, you can also take it with you when traveling. Each piece comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.