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Our bespoke service offers an intimate private or virtual meeting with Georgina to discover your unique needs and design a customised piece that will be crafted with the most detailed care for you. 


Our Diamantaire, Or Iton, along with Georgina, will be your advisor for custom made fine jewellery projects. Or will guide you through the process of finding the right stone according to your budget and desires.

From generation to generation, Or comes from a large family of jewellery and diamond traders. He studied the art of trading diamonds along some of the greatest Diamantaires and masters of the business. With vast experience in the industry, Or left Tel Aviv, Israel, one of the largest diamond exchange hubs in the world, to establish his business in Antwerp, Belgium and joined Georgina Sanginés in 2020 to oversee long-term business and financial development, to enhance overall sales and brand positioning worldwide.  

Our Stories

Discover the stories behind some of our favourite bespoke projects in fine jewelry


A Rare Diamond Cut For a Rare & Unique Woman 

For this engagement ring the groom chose a special stone that reflected the rare and unique personality of his fiancée, with knowledge of her deep love for vintage jewelry he then asked Or to help him find the perfect stone that could combine all of these features. 


The ring features a Lozenge cut diamond set in prominent claws, and in the very characteristic style of Georgina Sanginés, a chunky 18K white gold band. It's named the Ballroom Ring after the place where he proposed to her, in the Ballroom Garden at the Chateau de Versailles.

Lozenge cut diamonds are evocative of vintage designs popular in the 1920s. Lozenge cut diamonds are also referenced as shield cut diamonds, due to the nature of their shape. It’s a unique cut that utilizes a step cut and more closely resembles a rose cut diamond than a traditional brilliant cut diamond.


A Statement Pendant

For His Mother 

For this project, our client came to us with a beautiful Amethyst in need of a new home. The Alejandrina Pendant, named after the mother of our client, was inspired by her. In his words, she has a strong will, unique character and fire running in her blood. A Latina woman who moved to Belgium many years ago, we where honoured to be commissioned for the creation of this design. 


Featuring Once again statement claws, this Amethyst was set in 18k yellow gold along with a fine 18k chain. 


She Chose To Put

A Ring On It

One of our favourite projects until now, this bride didn't want to wait for him to ask and she chose to put a ring on it. Our client decided that it was time to give a step forward in her relationship and like the strong and confident woman that she is, she decided to propose to her boyfriend for marriage. He said yes! 

For these lovebirds we created separate rings that would match each one's personality. For her we designed this double stone ring in18k yellow gold, featuring her birthstone Peridot in a beautiful pear shape and a round diamond to symbolize eternal love. Lastly, we engraved his name to the ring so when the time comes, she can pass down this ring that gives a glimpse into them and their love. 

Are You Ready To Create Your Own  Story?

Say it with jewelry, let us know what's your story and we will help you design something special for it.

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