How does it work

Are you willing to wait for a better product?

While any piece of jewellery will have some impact on the planet, by pre-ordering you help us cut down on waste. With our made-to-order model, we hold our production until you have told us what you really want. This way, we minimize overproduction and you help us produce limited quantities of what you truly love.


This is how it works

  1. We launch our collections and upcoming designs, available for pre-order at a 20% discount rate.

  2. You have three weeks to place your pre-orders, after which the price goes to it's regular rate.

  3. Now you've helped us calculate exactly how many units of each new design should be produced and we begin our production process.


What's next?

We produce more of what you like and less of what you don’t. No extra production involved, just the adequate quantities to fit demand. We  believe in timeless and seasonless design, therefore, we don't use a traditional sales calendar. Instead, the earlier you buy, the higher the discount.


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